Hands down my favourite content management system to work with is WordPress, it started out as just a blogging platform but has developed into a very flexible and customizable overall content delivery system. You can make any kind of website you need with it these days from ecommerce to community sites. Here are some great resources to help you get the most out of your WordPress install.

WordPress Hosting

Many web hosting companies have started offering web hosting specifically for WordPress. They install WordPress for you, and set up an optimal configuration for your server so that your website will run fast. There is debate about whether WordPress hosting (which charges more than regular hosting) is really worth the extra cost: especially since WordPress is a free application that anyone can install themselves. Still, if you like the convenience of having your website set up for you, you can get some GoDaddy WordPress Hosting Promo Codes here to save around 25% off the regular price.


wordpress themes

There are a lot of themes out there for WordPress, there is absolutely no good reason to use one of the default ones. You don’t need to be a wizard with code to find a nice theme that matches your logo and/or brand. Any paid theme (ranging in price from around $25 – $60) will have a ton of options for customizing everything from the logo, colors, and fonts to the layout. For paid themes, Themeforest is your best bet. The themes are of very high quality, extremely customizable, and if you are having any trouble with your theme the developer will provide support for you at no extra charge. Quite a few of them offer tutorials and instructional videos as well.

If you’re on a tight budget there are plenty of great themes available for free through the WordPress website as well. You probably won’t get the same level of customization as you will with a paid theme, but there are plenty of really clean and beautiful ones. Plus you can’t beat the price!


If you are looking to build a community site or intranet, BuddyPress is the way to go. It’s a robust WordPress plugin that will add social network features to your site like profiles, internal messaging, user groups, and activity streams. The extended profiles let you add an unlimited number of profile fields so that you can have profiles that are completely customized to whatever your site is about. And did I mention it’s free?! The video below will walk you through the installation process


There are a few ecommerce plugins available for WordPress, but one of the most popular ones is WooCommerce. Like BuddyPress it’s quite robust with lots of different configurable components. The base versions is free, although there are some premium plugins that can extend it’s functionality even further for things like table rate shipping, subscriptions, and different payment gateways.

WordPress Resources